Footnote Today: October 9, 2013 – 2014 Mazda3 Targeting 500,000 Global Sales a Year

Report – 2014 Mazda3 Targeting 500,000 Global Sales a Year

Last year, the Mazda3 accounted for about 30 percent of Mazda’s overall vehicle sales, which totaled 1.25 million vehicles. But this year, Mazda is banking on its redesigned compact car to push sales even higher. ”We need to achieve this target as we try to hit our annual vehicle sales of 1.7 million vehicles set in our mid-term plan,” managing executive officer Masahiro Moro told Automotive News.

In 2012, the Japanese automaker sold about 162,000 Mazda3 compacts in Canada and the US, which represents 40 percent of all 2012 Mazda3 sales. If Mazda’s sales prediction of 1.7 million total units is accurate, than the new 3 is poised to sell about 510,000 units assuming it keeps its 30 percent share of the brand’s overall sales.

The new Mazda3 went on sale in the USA in September and will hit Europe this month while Japan will have to wait until November.

Source: Auto Guide

Footnote – What Is a Hot Hatch?

Usually when you take a normal family-oriented car (a sedan or 5-door hatchback) and put a more powerful engine under the hood, sport-tune its suspensions, build on some aerodynamic body lips and wings, and adorn the arches with larger wheels and tires and for a more aggressive grip and lateral stability, you have what is agreeably a hot hatch.

I think Mazda in the Mazda3 pretty much does 90%, if not all the work, that may be necessary, so that fresh from the line, this is already a hot hatch. Of course, such a presentation as this makes it a quick pick for tuners and enthusiasts to modify – the result might be jaw-dropping. At least from a mainstream car standpoint.

One does not look at the Mazda3 and imagine a Ferrari FF for visual dynamism and muscles and appeal, but, the rest of us that cannot begin to comprehend why we cannot just get out there and buy a Ferrari, can rest upon this low-hanging fruit. Look, the Mazda3 Performance is zoom-zoom and won’t disappoint you at all. Predicting such sales figures does makes sense.

In fact, if you look at some of the other hatchbacks in its class, notably first the Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST, Scion tC, etc the dash-to-axle, long-hood, sportscar-looking appeal alone, of the Mazda3 gives it a place as A Jigged Car. For 2014 we’ll have the 3 as benchmark, classify every other as hatchback, and base hot hatches on this one.

We think Mazda has done a great job here. Be sure to view and download all the photos and some videos of the hot, sexy, Mazda3 here.

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