Isn’t Audi Nanuk Quattro an Off-Road Aventador?

There’s a hilarious myth among the Inuit that a polar bear would bring himself to the kill (willingly) so he could take the soul of the hunting weapon with him to the hereafter.

Each bear celebrated or dishonored a hunter among his peers in the hereafter.

The hereafter transcended living bears and killed (or dead) ones.

Depending on how a hunter was celebrated or dishonored in the hereafter he would succeed with more bears willingly sacrificing their lives or none doing so at all. Big booty or no booty! It’s likely that each hunter would bring with himself quality knives out for hunting. The better the quality of his sword the more willing a bear to be killed, the more successful his hunting.

For all this though there was the master of the bears, the Nanuk, the almost-man Polar Bear, that orchestrated everything. He ultimately decided the success or failure of hunting projects.


To decide the success of an R8, or really any supercar, since this may well define a segment, on dirt tracks, desert dunes, and mountain switchbacks… Really, as to segment, we cannot see where a Nanuk would go (if looks were all that mattered) that one could not imagine the BMW X6, the Lamborghini Urus (if it becomes for real), the Acura ZDX (if it’s kept up with), and the Honda Crosstour (if it fully gives up becoming just another Accord!).

Let me know, if you know otherwise, but I have a strong knack for thinking this is what Audi, and especially the Performance junkies at Quattro, are intimating in this concept. That is, that the Nanuk Quattro will determine the direction of this Sports Activity Vehicle segment. It is not strange that Stephan Reil, Head of Development at Quattro GmBH, boldly borrows what the industry knows to be a BMW description. Sports Activity Vehicle. I have come to cherish those words – they lie at the very heart of Joy in Driving!

In an Audi ad video from 2010 an old Eskimo man is showing perhaps a young son (or grand son) of his which creature each track in the snow belongs to – this one, Amaruq or wolf, this one Nanook or polar bear – when they come to a set of two running tracks, he packs a bit of snow from one track, crumples it in his right palm (like feeling it), looks to his son, and says, “Audi [pause] Quattro.” The young son nods and is satisfied they have Audi here.

If the Nanuk Quattro Concept is the Nanuk of the bears, every car offers herself (pardon the gender now) for the love of man, in what sense does this new-age bear orchestrate the offering of the rest of the other bears out there? I mean, what does Audi/Quattro bring to the world of Sports Activity Vehicles. That’s all we want to find out on Just Jigged today. It’s in the mechanicals…at least for now.

The question could really be what does Audi bring to the world of exotic supercars? The Nanuk is a supercar (heart and soul) that is suitable for off-road (body), like would satisfy the young Eskimo boy that Audi is here, tearing through the snow field as if it were a race track.

Audi is here.

With a mid-mounted, 5.0-liter, 10-cylinder, V-setup engine, capable of dripping gobs of torque to hefty, 22-inch wheels, all four of them simultaneously, by means of a tech-too-forward, beefed-up, seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and hurtling a 4,189 pound bear to 62 miles per hour in 3.8 seconds, and going to a top speed of 190 mph, you’re relishing the kind of joy from driving the Aventador can breathe.

The Aventador is one wickedly fast supercar!

The Aventador is one wickedly fast supercar!

Something like an Aventador. Or more powerful, perhaps only slower… The difference is in how light and how close to the ground. The rest is physics. Or anger. Of engineering. Design. And Product.

The Nanuk Quattro is ready to tackle a rally or race track and a dirt track or snow, or dune, or anything that may be off-road.

Audi nanuk quattro concept

While Audi’s collaboration with Italdesign Giugiaro, the famed Italian coachbuilder responsible for a direct older sibling (we could say parent) of this Nanuk Quattro, has resulted in a sports car as sexy as an Aventador, its double wishbone and active air suspension makes it at the same time as Capable as, don’t be afraid, a Wrangler Rubicon!

Is Audi pointing us to the future of the next generation R8? I wouldn’t think in that direction at all! Please, do not. If what we have looked at in this polar bear to man to machine, so Aventador, comparison, and the kind of bold push Audi is making to redefine a segment is to make any sense, expect to see a Nanuk Quattro sometime in 2015 full carry-over concept to production. Or so I desire.

Wouldn’t that be cool? Real. Super. Sexy. Cool!

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