Gallery: Hot New Photos – Subaru Forester MY2014

We’re delighted to bring you these high resolution photos of the 2014 Subaru Forester. The images are too high-res they begin to look surreal. We hope you find them fun anyway. Let us know what you think.

Of course, while Subaru now sells with Confidence in Motion, we still prefer the more emotive, Love. Is What Makes a Subaru a Subaru. Tell us what you think on that below.

Click to download hi-res image for your personal pleasure and reference us as Jigged.

The second video, and you may be sold on this crossover. Enjoy!

013_2014ForesterXT 020_2014ForesterXT 044_2014ForesterXT 047_2014ForesterXT 108_2014Forester25i 113_2014Forester25i 114_2014Forester25i 115_2014Forester25i 116_2014ForesterXT 117_2014ForesterXT 118_2014ForesterXT 119_2014ForesterXT 125_2014ForesterXT 126_2014Forester25i 044_2014ForesterXT 047_2014ForesterXT 048_2014ForesterXT 050_2014ForesterXT 051_2014ForesterXT 055_2014ForesterXT 062_2014ForesterXT 064_2014ForesterXT 068_2014ForesterXT 091_2014Forester25i 128_2014Forester25i 129_2014ForesterXT 130_2014ForesterXT 131_2014Forester25iPremium 132_2014ForesterPremium 140_2014Forester 144_2014Forester 147_2014Forester 148_2014Forester 149_2014Forester 150_2014Forester 151_2014ForesterEyeSight 152_2014Forester

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