Gallery: Lamborghini Aventador MY2013 – One Angered Track Bull

We present the following high-resolution photos from Lamborghini for non-commercial purpose download and for the fun of lovers of Joy in Driving and how the Aventador (in its own price-exclusive class) mounts an exalted position here.

Aventador – the relentless force of one angered track bull!

Click each image to view large and download.

av_lp700-4_gal1_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal2_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal3_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal4_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal5_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal6_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal7_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal8_1920x1080 av_lp700-4_gal9_1920x1080

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