Just In: MINI John Cooper Works Paceman Now with Exclusive Frozen Black Metallic Paint Finish

Do you like Mini? If you say, yes, I want to guess you right to the John Cooper Works Paceman series. Because, I have always dismissed the Minis as ugly, Efficient pieces of equipment that struggle to look sporty.

But, often I find lovers of the Minis making me take another look. Making me wonder if I shouldn’t just rinse my eyes and give these pods a more appreciative look. Really, 500,000 American owners of MINI think I am wrong. Or do they? Well, I may be, but I point them to what a car should look like, to communicate excitement and impart joy, then, it turns out that the seemingly exclusive and niche direction of styling the Mini brand has taken has so fascinated quite some, no matter how boxy and tiny the models are.

So, I yield and say, I especially like this John Cooper Works Paceman.

Especially for these fanatics of the Mini, news of Mini extending its program of exterior paint finishes for current models would be exciting. The new variant, Frozen Black metallic paint finish is exclusive to the top-of-the-range Mini Countryman and Paceman models, according to a BMW Group source.

This innovative paint which has a textured, shimmering matt finish, gives the car a striking and expressive appearance. The new color and finish is available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman, MINI Cooper SD Countryman, MINI Cooper S Paceman, MINI Cooper SD Paceman, MINI John Cooper Works Countryman and MINI John Cooper Works Paceman.

According to the same source, the complex manufacturing and labor-intensive process of producing this body color necessitated its exclusiveness to these limited number of models. The rest of Mini people, take heart, or buy your hearts. Exclusivity, however it is built in, can mean Personality for a car, OK?

And, as goes with all things exclusive, care is of key importance. The BMW Group thinks that spot cleaning of the surface using wax or polish during hand wash may leave unwanted gloss effect, messing up the beauty of the finish. For this reason the BMW Group offers care products developed specially for treating the Frozen Black metallic paint finish.

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