Footnote Today: October 14, 2013 – Ram 1500 Named Truck of Texas

Report – Ram 1500 Named Truck of Texas

New lineups of trucks from General Motors and Toyota couldn’t unseat an improved Ram 1500, which was named the Truck of Texas by the Texas Auto Writers Association over the weekend at the media organization’s annual Truck Rodeo.

The victory marks the first repeat appearance for the Ram 1500, which previously won in 2013 and 2011; in 2012, the Ford F-Series was victorious. A new diesel engine, the first offered in a modern light-duty pickup, helped push the Ram to the top over a fully redesigned Chevrolet Silverado range and a heavily revised Toyota Tundra lineup.

About a dozen representatives each from Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and Toyota, in addition to crossover and SUV builders ranging from Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz to Kia and Subaru traveled to the Knibbe Ranch outside of San Antonio to attend the Truck Rodeo. Over 60 vehicles from nearly every SUV, crossover and truck manufacturer were on hand, but the big award – literally, since the trophy presented is several feet tall – was the Truck of Texas.

The entire Ram lineup won the coveted Truck Line of Texas Award.

Source: Leftlane News.

Watch how the Ram expresses its gratitude below and share this video to your network.

Footnote – What Is Multilink Suspension?

Here’s one feature that immediately peaks our interests and which should yours as well, which is why we’re bringing this report to Footnote Today. Multi-link suspension – the 5-link type. Usually in the rear of a Capable car.

This immediately tells you how Capable the Ram 1500 truck is going to be off-road, and even offering some car-like handling on-road. You’ll get to find out.

Once the lateral arms of the suspension are more than two – that is, the arms that hold the suspension setup to the wheels – and the longitudinal arm (holding suspension to chassis frame base) is more than one, it is a multilink setup. In the case of this 1500, the lateral arm is three and longitudinal arm two, making 5 links.

What’s that achieve for the Ram 1500? As a quick sidebar, which feature won Best Technology at the 2013 Texas Truck Rodeo? Same Ram five-link coil rear suspension! See what I’m talking about?

To summarize, such a suspension as this immediately says that the 1500 pickup truck rides as well as it handles. Two things. The fine balance that makes a car joy-to-drive. While this may not be akin to a sportscar, it speaks to the Versatility of the truck. In fact, as far as off-roading is concerned, this is a feature that should always be implemented on a vehicle, because multilink suspension does the same thing the anti-sway bar does perhaps three times better – the vehicle flexes and conforms to varying degrees of articulation of the wheels while not giving the bulk of the vehicle to lean/roll to any one side.

2013-Ram-1500-with-tractor 2013-Ram-1500-front-view

Images and video in post are from Ram. See more?

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