2014 Jeep Wrangler – Cross the Rubicon on Seven Slats!

What’s the word “wrangler” mean? A bickering disputant?

Does it also mean cowboy? Iceman? Ok, it may mean a bickering disputant and there’s a place for bickering. Or, isn’t there?

tcc 2013-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-10th-anniversary-edition_100410295_l

No, not Antarctica or the Amazon, but if you could go to those? But for the power under your right foot and the feel of exuberance on the road with the confidence that from where you are sitting on embroidered leather captain’s bucket seat behind a grip-massaging, leather-wrapped steering wheel is where you can be anywhere the road or circumstance takes you may be all the joy you need to Wrangle (if you allow dispute) in a wide wild world!

The 2014 Wrangler has arrived!

cd 2013-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-10th-anniversary-edition-photo-489581-s-1280x782

We just love it! Here’s what the Jigged Team found that is worthy of any note. The rest is in the open market. So, on Just Jigged today we highlight just why the Wrangler’s Capability may be all you need to show off how understanding of nature you can be.

Right off the bat, we should make it clear, as difficult as this is as we’re resisting it, look, there is a Sport, a Sport S, and there is, ah, a Sahara, all of them great, rugged, Capable, eh, but if you’ve come to Jigged and you really want to have fun, (and what we offer is pure driving fun) dare Kilimanjaro, and exude that confidence and pride we talked about a while off, just forget all these – go for Rubicon!

HD Wallpapers Inn 2013-jeep-wrangler-unlimited-rubicon-10th-anniversary-edition-photo-508489-s-1280x782

The 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is where life is complete.

Rubicon means the very reason you are coming to Wrangler in the first place. Do we need to repeat that?

Ok, they are all either a 3.6 liter V6 24-valve engine (with electro-hydraulic variable valve timing, or VVT – altering the valve lift event is an engineering tweak for more power, less fuel-to-power ratio, and fewer emissions) capable of producing 346 N-m (or some 255 foot-pounds) of torque or a more powerful (and Jigged advised) 2.8 liter turbo-diesel with 340 foot-pounds of torque available; a 6-speed manual transmission with available 5-speed automatic (which really isn’t a big deal for what we got here); and 4×4 systems.

But, wait a minute, how do the following sound to you:

1. 4:1 Rock-Trac Part-Time 4WD System
2. 4.10 Axle Ratio
3. Next Generation Dana 44 Heavy-Duty Front and Rear Axles
4. Tru-Lok Front and Rear Axles
5. Performance Suspension,
6. Electronic Front Sway Bar Disconnect, and
7. 32-inch BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain Tires (with Black Sidewall)?

Yes, the Capability exclusivity of the Rubicon is more than seven, but these seven are all you should look for and the allusion to Jeep’s all-time unified corporate face of seven-slat grille makes it easier for your checking.

Jeep 2013-rubicon-anniversary-gallery-01

How do those sound? Didn’t we mean to buy the Wrangler for Capability? Or do we need to present a spreadsheet of the other models side-by-side? No, we don’t. Guys, just take it from us that if you want the Wrangler go only for the Rubicon! It’s why Jeep made the Rubicon. Don’t ask why they do other packages too, you wouldn’t love the answer!

And just before we introduce the more engineering compelling reason to cross the Rubicon, no you’re not Julius Caesar and there’s no Senate to legislate your action, but once you do take this action, the rest of motoring life is conquered territory! Come rock, come shine.

w Giulio-cesare-enhanced_1-800x1450

Let’s start off with Rock-Trac.

Slat #1. That can be literally translated to rock traction. Jeep uses a heavy-duty transfer case of 4:1 gear ratio to achieve a low, crawling speed to enable easy and smooth ascent or descent of steep, steep inclines or going over obstacles. Anything in the way? Look at that first number again, 4. Then 1. Meaning? The speed of 4 is outputted to 1. To put that in perspective, that is, gear reduction ratio, think of the speed of a typical first gear. Is it slow? Its gear ratio can be 2.97:1, approximately 3, if the engineers may pardon. Now if you have something slower, pulling off all the power the engine can provide, will you not crawl stronger? It’s a Rubicon secret.

Slat #2 follows naturally – the higher the numerical ratio of a driven axle the higher the amount of force (say torque) that the engine is applying to the driven wheels. That takes care of towing even up a grade. Mechanically, if the propeller shaft spins four times, the wheel axle reduces that to one, spins the tires once.

With Slats #3 to #6, holding off the mechanics, let it suffice to say these are independent front and rear suspensions that can be electronically locked and whose front sway (or stabilizer) bar (critical to lateral and directional stability) can also be locked for more wheel articulation, or track disputing, when the terrain says punishment is permitted and in various permutations.

mt 2013-Jeep-Wrangler-Rubicon-wheels-1024x640

Welcome the all important member, the meaty, 32-inch, BF Goodrich tires with so much tread blocks and biting edges the weather (or terrain) can never be foul enough (but has to be the natural thing) when the Wrangler Rubicon treads on top.

The traction (action) is complete. The dispute is settled in your favor.

ab 15-jeep-rubicon-10th-anniv-la

Folks, believe us that Jeep has not done this Capability-intensive Rubicon without some luxury and Convenience when we checked, it’s just that while there’s bucket seats, with heating and cooling and lumbar support, air-conditioner, about 88 cubic-feet of passenger volume, Alpine Premium Audio System with 6 speakers and SiriusXM satellite radio, some 40 GB of hard-drive storage of multimedia, remote USB port…these are just the icing on the cake.

The cake?

Go cross the Rubicon on seven slats, you do no wrong!

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the Capability of the Rubicon:

Images in this post have come from Jeep, Wikipedia, Motor Trend, The Car Connection, All For Youth, Autoblog, and HD Wallpapers Inn,

Just Jigged is about the car we think you ought to live with every day. Each alternate week day you get to learn why we think so of one new release or old refresh. Take a moment to leave a reply and pay this episode forward to your network.


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