Footnote Today – October 2, 2013 – Aston Martin Cancels Cygnet City Car

Aston Martin Cancels Cygnet City Car

Aston Martin is cutting the Cygnet from its line-up because the city car or super mini doesn’t fit into the company’s plans to focus on its core products. Various reports suggest that the company has no plans to get back into the market with its own version down the road.

The Cygnet is basically a rebadged Scion iQ. While it may have been a Toyota at its core, it was an Aston with its price tag: just under $50,000.

The Cygnet was introduced in 2011, and came with a four-cylinder 1.3-liter gasoline engine, providing 97 hp and 92 lb-ft of torque. It is mated to a six-speed manual or a CVT gearbox.

While there are always some buyers for super mini cars from luxury manufacturers – Aston claimed that since one-third of the marque’s owners also owned minicars they might get some of those buyers – the Cygnet’s primary function was to lower Aston’s average CO2 emissions.

Source: The Detroit Bureau

Footnote – Great News for Lovers of True Car!

Folks, say if you do not agree this is great for loving motoring. Aston Martin had no business with such pretentious badge engineering in the first place, no matter how much it helped the bottom line – it ruined everything the name stood for. A Toyota kei car, wouldn’t you rather Aston recalled every piece from the market and maybe put a different badge on them, like BMW is apparently doing with the Mini’s?

Aston Martin stands for passion, excitement, aesthetics, and a whole lot of adjectives from the emotive side that are all at once evident and called to mind in one rush of motion upon gazing at an Aston. Does Cygnet do any? None at all? No way!

If Aston Martin is truly concerned about the environment and wants to show responsibility, it should be looking at downsizing its V12’s to V6’s and supercharging or turbocharging them for equivalent Performance, while retaining all the sensuousness, voluptuousness and awe-inspiring beauty its Designs are known for. Except they don’t like boosting. Or look to hybridization. Or electrification. With European emissions standards tightening, and U.S. CAFE already pulling the reins, obviously this is the only direction for the beloved automaker of enthusiasts. In the end, let Astons be Aston for Aston’s sake!

PHOTO: Motor Trend

PHOTO: Motor Trend


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